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Successful writers have these things in common

Happy Monday!!

This week I want to talk about the habits of successful writers because they do make a difference. And they are ALL things that you can start doing right now to change your writing career and take it to the next level.

1. Successful writers-WRITE. I know that sounds sarcastic and it's not meant to be, but if you want to be a writer you need to write. You need to write every day. Now, there are many who will say that you only need to write when the spirit moves you but not if you want to do this for a living and actually make money.

If you want to be a successful writer---WRITE, every single day or pretty close to it!

2. They hone their craft. They take workshops, read books on the craft of writing, get into writing retreats with other writers, they constantly work on their craft. You don't need to spend thousands traveling far away to another country or resort to do this--although, when you can, it is fun, but it's not needed. You can read blogs like mine, or sign up for newsletters with tips for writers. SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER HERE and get my FREE PDF GUIDE on HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WRITER

3. They accept and take feedback. Feedback on your work is essential to grow as writer. Think of it as the athlete who goes over her game with her coach or the dancer who analyzes tapes of her form. This is needed for real growth. You can get feedback from professionals at workshops, retreats, and online events, and you can get feedback from your critique group.

4. They don't go it alone. Now, you may find this counter to everything you hear about writing being solitary and it can be but successful writers have writing groups they are in to bounce ideas and get the feedback mentioned above. It's important to be in a critique group with writers you know and trust.

5. Successful writers never give up. To do anything and do it well you must continue to push through even when it's hard. Working in a creative field is tough on the ego and sometimes the soul because it's very subjective. You can write a perfect piece of fiction and the agent or agents you send it to hate it for no other reason than, it's just not their taste. As well, as creatives, we get rejected more often than we don't so you have to be able to never give up and keep going even when it's hard.

And here is a BONUS habit that can make all the difference. Successful writers have goals and plans for their writing. It's a business and you have to treat it as such.

I hope this is helpful and has you creating habits that will take your writing career to the next level.

XO Stephanie

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