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Me & My Company

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What I Do

I help female writers like YOU find the best career path so they can reach their dreams. Look, writing is hard but it doesn't have to be soul-crushing.

The days of the sad, depressed, lonely writer are long gone. I'm here to help you make that transition from a writer who is so afraid of rejection that she won't start or finish a project to one who is confident & armed with all the tools she needs to move forward. 

Being positive is who I am. I don't just see the glass as half-full, I see it half-full of possibilities to change the world, be successful, and find happiness no matter what. 


Change your life!!

Live, Love, Create!

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Why I do it

Hollywood, what's your dream?

Everybody got a dream ~ Pretty Woman

You have a dream & I want to help you make it come true!

I love helping writers find their stories, get connected with agents, finish their novels/screenplays/tv pilots, and ultimately reach their goals.

This is why I get up every day, to help YOU never give up. Writing can be demoralizing but it is also rewarding. Writers have the power to change the world.

That means YOU DO TOO!



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