Story Concierge 

If you are a storyteller in any genre-you are in the right place

Story Concierge is designed with YOU in mind. 

My signature course is launching 2021 ! I'm so excited to bring this to YOU. 

*due to world events this will be out next spring 2021 but please get on the VIP waitlist. 

I have worked one on one with writers with this program over the last decade and finally, I figured out a way to make it more accessible to you, right in your living room.


YES, that is right, from your own home-no need to change out of your most comfy clothes, put on makeup, or go anywhere!

For about the cost of a writing conference, you will get the tools you need to find the right UNIQUE path for you and your writing career. 

You will get GENRE CLARITY

You will have a CLEAR PATH for your goals


You will be able to PITCH yourself and your story

and so much more! 

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